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Within the last ten years of expertise, Choice Concrete Contractors: Jacksonville FL has enhanced and improved upon our foundation solutions and services. Foundation damage creates a dangerous and complicated situation that can’t correct itself. You have to enable highly trained professionals to look at the situation and find an answer that works right the very first time. 

While our competitors will try to promote you on brand new concrete, we’re competent to fix and refurbish your current concrete to help keep a little cash in your wallet! Read our reviews and learn about our gallery page to find out the results of our different projects! Using various scientific techniques,  we can provide you with numerous looks, including organic stone, pavers, including slate, wood, and brick.

Aside from exceeding our customer’s expectations, one of our goals is to make your property look better than new at a portion of the cost of new concrete or pavers. For more than fifteen years, our concrete contractors Jacksonville FL have been restoring commercial concrete at businesses and homes in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Concrete Parking lot

Concrete is not pliable, unlike asphalt. In many cases, you will have to incorporate the guttering, concrete curbing, concrete sidewalks, and  ADA ramp specifications as well. In cases where your business property is not subject to city and county regulations, you can install a new concrete parking lot without engineering and blueprint drawings; however, you will still need a water drainage plan. A parking lot can have plenty of water; that water must be controlled and directed to areas where it will keep from flooding streets, neighbors, and even buildings. In this situation, getting a reputable contractor is vital to prevent future problems.

All parking lots grow old and deteriorate beyond maintenance at some point. The aim of any concrete parking lot must be to maximize the life expectancy of the structure before its use becomes obsolete.  This calls for a long-term strategy with frequent, regular maintenance every year. A concrete parking lot with regular maintenance may last up to 20 or 30 years. 

Many types of public facilities, businesses, commercial developments, and multi-family real estate projects include sizable concrete parking lots for residents and visitors. They primarily accommodate parked cars but also provide maneuvering access and zoned areas for delivery vehicles. Manageability, constructability, life-cycle cost, crack control, drainage, and load-bearing capacity are crucial in the layout and building of concrete pavements, including concrete parking lots.

In choosing the right parking lot, whether it is residential or for commercial use, you must consider these things, budget, durability, climate, curb appeal, and amount of ongoing maintenance.

Asphalt parking lots are fantastic, affordable options to the various other hard-surface choices regarding the dimensions of your concrete parking lot and the thickness requirements. If cost isn’t an essential factor, if aesthetics tend to be more critical,  allow our professional concrete contractors Jacksonville FL evaluate your space to provide some design alternatives for your concrete parking lot, perhaps a stamped cement or designed paver parking lot would be the better alternatives for a tough-surface parking lot. While at first, the upfront expenses are higher, long-term stamped cement and designed pavers require less maintenance and rarely need servicing.