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Many businesses and homeowners select a decorative concrete patio due to the value for money, durability, low maintenance, and its beauty. When you opt to incorporate decorative concrete into your home or business, choose our concrete patio contractors.

Concrete patios are an excellent outdoor addition to your house and can be a great spot to entertain friends and family when the weather is good. Of all the supplies readily available to create patios, a concrete patio would be the most conventional yet versatile choice.

One of the benefits of the installation of a concrete patio is its durability. Concrete is exceptionally durable and will stand as much as the wide range of atmospheric conditions found across the nation. Concrete contractors in cooler climates take specific steps to ensure the durability of the concrete patios they create. Each coating or overlay preparation is designed to withstand destructive elements like snow, foot traffic, heat, water, and much more. A protective coating can improve the general lifespan of your concrete surfaces since it provides an additional defense against stains and moisture, which may be absorbed into the concrete and undermine the substrate.

Aside from durability, another benefit of the installation of a concrete patio is easier maintenance. Concrete is easier to maintain because it is a solid, nonabsorbent surface. Decorative concrete resurfacing can create a virtually maintenance-free deck or patio. You won’t need to buy any special cleaning solutions, everything you will need is just simple soap and water, a little scrubbing and it will be as good as new.

Compared to designed masonry pavers, natural stone, and stone tiles, concrete is much easier to preserve since it is a nonabsorbent surface. On the other hand, individual pavers can settle unevenly, creating tripping hazards. Concrete is also invulnerable to termite infestation, splintering, and wood rot. 

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Our concrete patios Jacksonville FL contractors have more than ten years of expertise in evaluating concrete patios, fixing concrete, installing overlays or coatings, along with any other relative tasks. We have skilled and expert staff that will optimize or customize your concrete patio. Why spend a lot of money on materials that are expensive when there’re ornamental concrete resurfacing solutions? With only a little investment, a concrete patio in Jacksonville can appear presentable and elegant.

Regardless of what theme or maybe era a residence is sporting, there’s an appropriate decorative concrete answer to match and complement it. Have fun together with the design without being restricted to the regular patio. Our decorative concrete patio can adapt to any style.

One can find numerous ways to intensify the appearance and function of a patio’s concrete surface area. The expense of patio upgrades need not be outrageously expensive. Some of the resurfacing ideas for concrete patios are inexpensive and simple to apply:

  • Acrylic Spray; this spray-down method is noted for its light color, cool surface temperature, and stucco-like texture. 
  • Concrete Staining; concrete stains are highly recommended for an instant improvement to old patios. A stained concrete application could be requested for resurfaced concrete surfaces as another enhancement.
  • Stamped Concrete, a stamped concrete patio overlay that is one of the most popular resurfacing selections among patio owners. It provides a broad range of stamped concrete patterns to select from, like brick, slate, ashlar, herringbone, flagstone, and much more.