Decorative Concrete Jacksonville FL

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Concrete styles are among the hot new fashion for concrete patios, countertops, entryways, concrete floors, pool decks, and other applications. With the many choices available, you are assured of finding at least one method that meets all your demands for durability, maintenance, appearance, and price.

Some of the top decorative concrete Jacksonville FL design ideas for indoor are the following:

Concrete countertops – Concrete counters marry beauty and functionality, plus they’re easy to clean and inherently durable. Concrete countertops provide a customizable handcrafted surface commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor entertaining areas, and bars and restaurants.

Concrete furniture – Many of us think of concrete as something we walk on, drive on, or maybe build foundations with.  Among the most prominent characteristics of concrete is its capability to merge with and enhance some of the most fantastical designs you aim to produce. Its texture can vary from polished smooth for a refined appearance to coarse and natural in an Old World or rustic setting.

Concrete fireplace surrounds – What is more often, like masonry and stone, concrete combines the two-fold characteristics of fire resistance and heat retention. Concrete fireplaces offer a wide range of style options from Old World to contemporary and will complement materials such as tile, metals, wood, or stone, bringing them together in a dramatic marriage of shape and texture.

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Stamped Concrete Jacksonville FL

Stamped concrete is a decorative concrete area finish created to imitate the appearance and feel of traditional stone, tile, and many other brick surfaces. Stamped concrete Jacksonville FL can be used for pool decks, patios, floors, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and pedestrian hardscapes. Along with the architectural finishes supplied by the different stamp patterns, integrally colored concrete, together with pigmented release representatives, stamped concrete may be utilized to create many color and style combinations merely restricted by imagination.

Stamped concrete is difficult to beat regarding style and practically limitless design choices from a visual point of view. For instance, if your home features a brick exterior, think about an echoing theme with a simple brick-patterned border, or select a design and color pattern that ties in together with your surrounding landscape.

The most popular kinds of stamped concrete are stone patterns, including fieldstone, slate, and flagstone. Cobblestone, brick, and timber patterns follow directly behind. Additionally, there are seamless stamps that offer texture but with no joint-patterns. Selected patterns can be pressed into the concrete or even in advanced projects with fountains and steps.

Our stamped concrete Jacksonville FL contractors will design a customized surface area that lasts longer and involves less upkeep than most other structural materials, which can add up to considerable cost savings over its lifetime. You will also include aesthetic value and curb appeal to the house, making it possible for you to capitalize on your ROI (Return On Investment). Stamped concrete is among the most durable, long-lasting paving materials readily available and requires less upkeep than the materials it often replaces.